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The Choice To Pull The Trigger


Reality TV has nothing on the drama, excitement and heart-wrenching betrayal this book delivers. The main character, Bill, takes you through a harrowing childhood, with a conflicted, antagonistic, relationship between mother and son. Bill goes on a desperate search to find love in a dysfunctional new home filled with abandonment and physical and emotional abuse. In later years, partying, sex, drugs, lies, betrayal, deceit, robbery and the most gruesome crime ever thought of — murder — all enter Bill’s life as he discovers the resilience most of us possess, but didn’t think we had. This book contains all the elements of a well-contrived brilliantly devised Hollywood blockbuster. Filled with unbelievable twists and turns, the most frightening element about this novel is that it is a true story. This story will even make an average person believe he can be accused of the most heinous crimes, given certain circumstances.You will laugh, cry, but most of all cringe on the edge of your seat while you read this page-turner to learn about: The Choice to Pull the Trigger.

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